Story: Well that was pleasantly unexpected; and pretty awesome!

So there I was yesterday minding my own business, working on some assigned tasks like the good little engineer I am. My break time comes around so I check my professional social accounts for some light reading. Twitter, Stackoverflow, Stackshare,, LinkdIn, etc. In my inbox for LnkdIn was the following message.

Yep, you read that correctly. Amazon reached out to me; wholly unsolicited, for a role with me. O_O WOW. Talk about the feeling of vindication! Trying to focus on my assigned tasks was hard for a few hours. Sadly, I had to turn the position down as it would require relocating to Seattle; I am just not ready for that. Hopefully soon, just not right now.

But hey, I can now say I turned down an offer from AWS. #go_me

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