Great article about software maintenance and aging.

Lorenzo Pasqualis over on wrote a great article about maintaining software systems. Some very good and well articulated points.

My First 12 hours with Ruby

My personal opinions about Ruby after the first 12 hours.

Run Commands on a Remote Machine via SSH

What’s the Point? Executing commands is one of the core tenants of computing. Sometimes, th desire to execute a command on a remove machine arises.…

Using `shellcheck` to lint your bash/sh scripts.

Being involved in technology, specifically web, it does not take long we have to write a bash (or shell) script.

Run Linux GUI applications on Windows 10

Running Linux applications on Windows is now possible, including GUI based applications.

Dupdob’s “Unit testing, you’re doing it wrong”

Over on Medium Dupdob has published probably one of the the best articles about unit testing I have seen this year. While opinionated based on…

PHP 5 End of Life is upon us; why you should care.

PHP 5 is reaching end of life. Find out what this means to you and your organization if you rely on a PHP 5 application…

4 part Javascript module by Benny Powers

Benny Powers over on has put together an excellent series centering around the concept of Javascript modules. I am not a frontend (browser) engineer…