IBM has released Unit Testing for Mainframes.

IBM recent announced that is has created a Unit Testing tool for Mainframe computers. This is an amazing step for legacy support within modern development…

Great article about software maintenance and aging.

Lorenzo Pasqualis over on wrote a great article about maintaining software systems. Some very good and well articulated points.

How to fix “failed to delete stack: Role … is invalid or cannot be assumed”

How to fix the "failed to delete stack: Role [...] is invalid or cannot be assumed " error when using AWS CloudFormation.

AWS is the US Navy of the Cloud…

The US Navy has a policy of not staying one step ahead of it's peers, but two. AWS seems to be doing the same.

My First 12 hours with Ruby

My personal opinions about Ruby after the first 12 hours.

Run Commands on a Remote Machine via SSH

What’s the Point? Executing commands is one of the core tenants of computing. Sometimes, th desire to execute a command on a remove machine arises.…