AWS announces the ability for different user/pass from

Got this email less than 30 minutes ago; hopefully this is the first in many step to separate AWS and Amazon operations entirely.

Re-post: The YAML document from hell.

Re-posting an article by Ruud van Asseldonk discussing the pitfalls of YAML. For what it is worth, I am firmly on team extend JSON with…

Goodbye LastPass; Hello BitWarden.

The password manager service LastPass has had a rough go of it lately. The breaches in the closing months of last year has shaken confidence…

`DevOps is a failure` by Lee Briggs

A brief article regarding the failure of DevOps; with an offering of a new, more focused, replacement.

Is Swoole the best of both worlds? Golang inspired PHP server with coroutine, channels, defer, et al.

These days async programming is all the rage. It is no surprise when a language community publishes another library or runtime to support the async…

Case Study: Miro and AWS

So proud to be a team member at Miro, so awesome! The case study by AWS is the latest cap stone of my time with…

Generate a SSH key via Terraform for EC2

As one of the longest lasting forms of access authentication Secure Shell (SSH) is a core tool used in every day computing. Additionally, it comes…

How Cloud Computing Transformed Leading Industries

(Today’s article comes to us via Artur Meyster from .) Cloud computing has been around for over a decade, taking over many aspects of…