Past Clients

In no particular order here is a selection of client projects I have had the privilege to work on in the past.


What is it? Forex (Foreign Exchange) and Commodities trading community

What did I do? Web Development

Details please? Add functionality to the website based on customer need. Helped migrate the organization’s live video stream events from under performing systems to a more suitable option. Maintained entire system operations when the lead engineer left the organization. Average traffic was 250,000 unique visitors a day.

Who worked on it? Myself, the lead engineer, community manager, and the project manager.

Healthplan Services

What is it? Managed Healthcare service provider. Think Cigna.

What did I do? Internal tools development

Details please? Know HPS was one of service providers that helped make it. I did not work on though. I created tools to empower teams to be more effective. Specifically task/effort tracking, progress reporting, manager report generators, and the like.

Who worked on it? Typically only myself, though sometimes would be paired with a team manager to solicit feedback

Viking Cruises

What is it? Luxury cruise line based in Europe

What did I do? Backend systems

Details please? Ship board customer facing systems. In room TV, weather and ship tracking, interactive kiosks, dinner reservations, guest schedules, newsletter management, and more. If the guests interacted with a computer, I wrote the systems that powered it.

Who worked on it? Depending on the project, from 3 to 13 other developers, project managers, designers, marketers, and at one point even the owner of Viking.


What is it? Skilled trades community & job board. Think Indeed or Monster for blue collar skills.

What did I do? Backend and Frontend systems, infrastructure

Details please? I would be tasked with creating functionality based on images of the user interface and wireframe mockups of how a feature should work. User account management, job posting, sorting, searching, promotion. Employer verification, on-site certification system, file upload and management among many other features.

Who worked on it? Myself as the developer, the project manager, and the client owners.


What is it? Mobile game in the spirit of `how well do you know your friend`

What did I do? Backend systems, infrastructure

Details please? Created the server side system that enabled cross platform games, scoreboard, leaderboard, user account management incl. Authentication,  and game setting administration.

Who worked on it? Myself, the mobile developer, and the project manager.


What is it? Monthly subscription employee appreciation packages

What did I do? Backend systems, infrastructure

Details please? Wrote the server side program and managed the Amazon Web Services used to power the user experience. Guest, Employee, and Manager level users.

Who worked on it? Myself, frontend engineer, project manager / product owner


What is it? Stream video platform for asian cartoons (anime)

What did I do? Backend systems

Details please? Promotional feature logic, backend programming changes, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Who worked on it? Myself and team of 3 plus the Sony team of 10+ engineers


What is it? Video based community marketplace

What did I do? Backend systems, infrastructure

Details please? Built backend systems services using Amazon Web Services, manage user provided images and videos, convert videos into streamable format to run on all supported platforms, add or updated features to match business needs

Who worked on it? Myself the company ower