Advice for Professional Developers by Adam Culp

#1 Stop blaming companies for bad code you wrote. Yes there are influences, but it was YOU who created it, not them.

#2 Stop blaming company for not training you, if you didn’t negotiate it upon hire. It is up to you, not them, unless stipulated.

#3 Testing is part of development, not an add on. Do it.

#4 Be professional, it is what you were hired to be. Sometimes it requires you to say no. It is your job.

#5 If you feel “iffy” about a company during interviews, get out before you’re hired. It will not get better.

#6 Nobody writes perfect code. Refactor often. Don’t expect a company to allot time, you allot it. Leave it cleaner than you found it.

#7 Use source control ALWAYS. There’s no excuse for not using it. It saves time rather than adding it.

#8 Stop using FTP in production!!! PERIOD! No human should be uploading ANY code to production.

#9 Use a proper editor that saves YOU time. This is different for everyone, but find one and learn it inside and out.

#10 Be good to yourself, and others. Nobody else will.


Source and all credit to Adam Culp.