Tim Bray posted a short article concerning Golang over on “on going” back on June 12th. Recently it has bubbled up to my attention so I gave it a read. Personally, I agree with the statements made. Golang is making headway into the mind space of operators and developers the IT world over. Along with the strong point discussed within there article I wanted to also point out a few weaknesses for comparison here.

“… Then when you learn about channels and goroutines, you might experience shortness of breath. …” Truth. The day I learned about goroutines and channels my dreams were of concurrency for days.

Strengths of Golang:

  • Readability (consistent code style)
  • Predictability (performance is good enough, latency is low enough )
  • Goroutines  (palatalization) 
  • Executables  (statically linked binaries )
‘GO’ into the light.


  • Naming (go? golang? GO? Ugg.)
  • Still new(ish) (compared to, say C, Java, etc)
  • Multi-paradigm (multiple ways to do the same thing)
  • Package Management (now solved, but originally a pain)

What are your thoughts on Go(lang)? Have you used in production or hobbies projects? What have been some of the learning experiences for you with the language?


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