On productive days and how to have one.

Try working at an airport terminal …

Over the course of the better part of the last decade I have worked in start ups, corporate office parks, small but good profit businesses, even a non-profit helping the needy. With each environment come different obstacles

to getting ‘in the zone’. Be it the noise level, the constant interruption the crapped work area, the rhythmic but distract noise of commercial airliners taking off and landing.

Of all the reasons to have for not ‘getting in the zone’ I have found the best thing you can do get a quite area, no distracts, and envelope yourself in the task at hand. If that means wearing ear plugs, so be it. If that means leaving the office floor and working in the quite lobby, by all means. And if so lucky, working from home on the couch (no TV!).

Do what needs to be done to have an environment conducive to being effective.

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