Companies need to stop abusing the Open Source Community

Atlassian, Docker, Hashicorp, Mongo, Redis, and the list goes on, all abusing the open source community to gain market share then rug-pulls a license change…

AWS announces the ability for different user/pass from

Got this email less than 30 minutes ago; hopefully this is the first in many step to separate AWS and Amazon operations entirely.

Re-post: The YAML document from hell.

Re-posting an article by Ruud van Asseldonk discussing the pitfalls of YAML. For what it is worth, I am firmly on team extend JSON with…

`DevOps is a failure` by Lee Briggs

A brief article regarding the failure of DevOps; with an offering of a new, more focused, replacement.

How Cloud Computing Transformed Leading Industries

(Today’s article comes to us via Artur Meyster from .) Cloud computing has been around for over a decade, taking over many aspects of…

Trial: 30 days with VueJs

Is VueJS worther your time? Like any other tech, tool it depends on the problem at hand. Read on to see if vueJS is the…

10 years of web development; 10 life lessons.

Ten years ago (2009) the economic recession was in full swing. Every week another bank would collapse, millions of homes would go into foreclosure proceedings,…

Review: DevOpsDays Tampa Bay

DevOpsDays, the headliner conference series in the realm of DevOps, had i'ts first ever Florida event.