AWS announces the ability for different user/pass from

Got this email less than 30 minutes ago; hopefully this is the first in many step to separate AWS and Amazon operations entirely.

Case Study: Miro and AWS

So proud to be a team member at Miro, so awesome! The case study by AWS is the latest cap stone of my time with…
AWS & Terraform

How to: AWS Service Endpoint for S3 / DynamoDB

This Again? A few months back I published an article reviewing the different ways to pass traffic between a Lambda in a private subnet and…
AWS & Terraform

How to: AWS Service Endpoints via Terraform for fun and profit

Recently I found myself designing a system that had AWS Lambda functions inside a private VPC. But I needed to pass a payload from the…

AWS IaC (Infrastructure as Code) is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

From the AWS “Whats New” news feed: Posted On: Jul 11, 2019 The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is now generally available in TypeScript and…

How to fix “failed to delete stack: Role … is invalid or cannot be assumed”

How to fix the "failed to delete stack: Role [...] is invalid or cannot be assumed " error when using AWS CloudFormation.

Is HTTP/2 really worth it?

Just how much performance does HTTP2 offer? Like many other things in technology; it depends. Rea on to learn the benefits and pitfalls of using…