OpenTofu Stable Release Available Now!

The OpenTofu team has annouced the general availability of 1.6. This is a drop in replacement of Terraform. Checkout the release, getting-starting, and migration guide;…

Tooling: IAM Legend

AWS IAM actions autocomplete, documentation and wildcard resolution for Visual Studio Code. Supports Serverless Framework, AWS SAM, CloudFormation and Terraform. This extension come from Sebastian Bille over…

Proposal: CI, CD -> CI, CD, CR

In the realm of software development it is impossible to go a week without heard about CI/CD. At a high level the concept of continuous…

`DevOps is a failure` by Lee Briggs

A brief article regarding the failure of DevOps; with an offering of a new, more focused, replacement.

Case Study: Miro and AWS

So proud to be a team member at Miro, so awesome! The case study by AWS is the latest cap stone of my time with…

Generate a SSH key via Terraform for EC2

As one of the longest lasting forms of access authentication Secure Shell (SSH) is a core tool used in every day computing. Additionally, it comes…

Great article about software maintenance and aging.

Lorenzo Pasqualis over on wrote a great article about maintaining software systems. Some very good and well articulated points.

How to fix “failed to delete stack: Role … is invalid or cannot be assumed”

How to fix the "failed to delete stack: Role [...] is invalid or cannot be assumed " error when using AWS CloudFormation.

Run Commands on a Remote Machine via SSH

What’s the Point? Executing commands is one of the core tenants of computing. Sometimes, th desire to execute a command on a remove machine arises.…