Generate a SSH key via Terraform for EC2

As one of the longest lasting forms of access authentication Secure Shell (SSH) is a core tool used in every day computing. Additionally, it comes…
AWS & Terraform

How to: AWS Service Endpoints via Terraform for fun and profit

Recently I found myself designing a system that had AWS Lambda functions inside a private VPC. But I needed to pass a payload from the…

FIX: Terraform "Error: Run variables are currently not supported"

Recently I had to create a new workspace on an existing project to test some new functionality. So I create the workspace and run the…

Tagging with Terraform

Using cloud resources can be accelerating to the business, liberating to the engineering teams, and expensive to bank account. If you have every left a…

FIX: Terraform + AWS: InvalidVPCNetworkStateFault

While working with Terraform and AWS recently I ran into an error that did not seem to have much information about it. After about a…

Terraform 0.12 General Release

Back in July of last year Hashicorp announced the preview of Terraform 0.12. As of yesterday (May 22nd) 0.12 is now in generally availability

Terraform: EC2 access to CodeCommit without HTTPS or SSH credentials.

The Problem I needed a way for a EC2 instance to clone a CodeCommit repository without using HTTPS credentials or a SSH key. Specifically I…