Another post about YAML

Looks like I am not the only one who finds YAMLs ideocracies painful. More and more I tend to lean on JSON or TOML. Unfortunately,…

Tofu is the future of Terraform

As the fall out from Hashicorp’s rug-pull of a license change to Terraform continues to unfold the community has done what many of us saw…

`DevOps is a failure` by Lee Briggs

A brief article regarding the failure of DevOps; with an offering of a new, more focused, replacement. https://leebriggs.co.uk/blog/2022/06/21/devops-is-a-failure

Case Study: Miro and AWS

So proud to be a team member at Miro, so awesome! The case study by AWS is the latest cap stone of my time with…
AWS & Terraform

How to: AWS Service Endpoints via Terraform for fun and profit

Recently I found myself designing a system that had AWS Lambda functions inside a private VPC. But I needed to pass a payload from the…

Tagging with Terraform

Using cloud resources can be accelerating to the business, liberating to the engineering teams, and expensive to bank account. If you have every left a…

Terraform 0.12 General Release

Back in July of last year Hashicorp announced the preview of Terraform 0.12. As of yesterday (May 22nd) 0.12 is now in generally availability

Moving where WSL mounts the Windows C:\ drive.

Changing the location WSL mounts the Windows C:\ drive quick and easy.

IBM has released Unit Testing for Mainframes.

IBM recent announced that is has created a Unit Testing tool for Mainframe computers. This is an amazing step for legacy support within modern development…