Companies need to stop abusing the Open Source Community

Atlassian, Docker, Hashicorp, Mongo, Redis, and the list goes on, all abusing the open source community to gain market share then rug-pulls a license change in the name of preventing competition, quarterly profits, or whatever business marketing speak justification they want to try and spin it as. Shame, shame on you all.

I understand it from the business perspective; businesses exist to make money. But that is no excuse to abuse a community of people for free labor. Receiving the benefits of labor in good faith only to hard pivot when it suites only the business is insulting in the least, revolting in the worse.

Going forward I will immediately stop recommend and using tools from any organizations that has abused the Open Source community is such a way. To that end here is a list of some alternatives I can think of (of course features are not 1:1 replacements, but this is better than being abused).

As soon as the OpenTF foundation has binaries available myself, professional projects, and clients will all begin migrate. Conversations are already in progress to migrate away from all other Hashicorp products where at all possible as we expect the same license change to happen across the entire product line.

Shame on all of you abusive organizations; and most recently you Hashicorp. Really expected better.

Update 2012-09-18

Add Unity to the list of dirtbag companies.

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