Achievement Unlocked: AWS Certified Developer Assoc. (DA)

After many months of delay and procrastination I finally scheduled to sit the AWS Developer Assoc. exam. I was passing the practice exams from with > 90 repeatably and felt confident I could breeze through the exam with little to no problem…boy was I wrong.

AWS recently updated the Developer Associate for the 2018 year so I had to study the original exam material as well as the new updated exam. If you sit for the exam from this point in time or later head these words: focus on API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB and Key Management Service. Unlike the prev. exam focusing on the read/write provisioning did not gain me any points.

Many people say the SA Associate is harder, I spent the entire two hours on the DA Associate. In my experience the Developer Assoc. was much harder. Then again I do not get to use AWS in my day-to-day at the moment so the lack of exposure very likely worked against me.

With all that said; I passed.  3 of 18 total certs completed.

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