Review: DevOpsDays Tampa Bay

DevOpsDays, the headliner conference series in the realm of DevOps, had i’ts first ever Florida event. And wouldn’t you know it, Tampa Bay hosted it. Go Tampa!I mean, Accenture, Malewarebytes, JP Morgan Chase, Capital One, and Nielson all have large presences in the area.

Arriving around 8am the lack of signage concerning the event caused me to wonder around for a couple minutes. But I eventually found the group of ‘computer nerds’ meandering around. Once I checked in I grabbed a picture of the schedule…

Notice that opening key note? Andrew Shafer? Yea, pretty awesome guy to have as an opener. Was super hyped to see his talk and it was worth the wait.

Here are some of the images I posted on Twitter during the event. So much great information and ideas that it’s hard to distill this soon. But I can say, if you have an opportunity, go to one of the events. If there is not one in your area, become an organizaer and make it happen.

And finally, some of swag that I picked up at the event:

Again, so much great information and even greater people. Amazing opportunity to talk to people in the community, network, and learn new and amazing things.

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