The cost of scaling up.

In my time s working in the software realm I have worked on projects of various sizes. Local bands wanting a web presence, user generated content upload sites, college assignments, financial industry video services, national health care web applications, on board ship systems, social media aggregation, US domestic distributor for foreign sourced video content, and currently a software security and end user system monitoring service. Some projects were small, some large, some simple, some complex.

Start ups are well known and sometimes even idolized for their ability to take an idea from concept to production in a very short about of time. In the world of business having a small time to market can mean the difference between success and ruin.

Larger organizations are often scoffed and or even shrugged off due to the exact opposite. However, the larger organizations typically have systems that a dozen startups would get lost inside of. Many times these system have had a dozen or more teams operate and iterate on the system. Knowledge applied, knowledge lost, knowledge incorrectly documented. But at the end of the day bringing the business revenue. Money talks, bulls*** walks.

These two different types of entities have different constraints, different pressures, and different driving factors.  Not every org. can be, nor want to be, Google, or Twitter, or Instagram. Then again, not everyone wants to be the DoD, Wells Fargo, or General Electric.

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