PSA: .git directory should not be public.

Ideally the .git directory is not in production to begin with. as it is not needed to run an application. However, many deployment strategies use…

`git push` configurable default behavior.

`git push origin` behavior is configurable. Check out the options and see what is possible.

Great article on Pull Requests

`Anatomy of a perfect pull request` over at is a great article that touches on what it is that makes a PR a good…

Want to host your own Git service? GitLab a bit to heavy weight? Checkout Gitea.

Came across this self hosted Git service today. Yes GitLab is amazing but also very complicated and large. Requiring a 4Gb RAM system to operate…

`git stash` magic

Srebalaji Thirumalai over on has a nice write up covering git stash and the many amazing things it can do.  Check it out.