CloudWatch Agent on Lightsail

Step 4: Appling the Credentials

Back in the Lightsail terminal from Step 2 I added the newly created credentials to allow the CW Agent to reach into my AWS account and provide information to Cloud Watch.

A minor issue I ran into was the OS and installed packages, the AWS CLI was not installed.

For the duration I switched to root and installed the missing system dependencies.

sudo su

apt-get update -y &&apt-get install -y python-pip

This installs the Python dependency manager called PIP. Since the AWS-CLI is written in Python, PIP is the prefered method of installation (though other ways exist).

Nice, clean AWS-CLI install.

pip install --upgrade pip

Clean up

pip install awscli --upgrade --user

Another successful PIP install.

Making good progress so far.

export PATH=$PATH:/root/.local/bin

aws configure --profile AmazonCloudWatchAgent

This is where I needed to provide the ID and API key created in the console last step. 

Never, ever, ever expose your ID and Key to the public.

Now that the credentials part is all over on to the next step.

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