Intro: Hashicorp `Packer`

The problem space… In today’s modern application development process an applications has many homes. Local development, (docker) containers, on premise Linux servers, maybe even Unix…

AWS IaC (Infrastructure as Code) is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

From the AWS “Whats New” news feed: Posted On: Jul 11, 2019 The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is now generally available in TypeScript and…

Tagging with Terraform

Using cloud resources can be accelerating to the business, liberating to the engineering teams, and expensive to bank account. If you have every left a…


Tim Bray posted a short article concerning Golang over on “on going” back on June 12th. Recently it has bubbled up to my attention so…

10 years of web development; 10 life lessons.

Ten years ago (2009) the economic recession was in full swing. Every week another bank would collapse, millions of homes would go into foreclosure proceedings,…

Review: DevOpsDays Tampa Bay

DevOpsDays, the headliner conference series in the realm of DevOps, had i'ts first ever Florida event.

FIX: Terraform + AWS: InvalidVPCNetworkStateFault

While working with Terraform and AWS recently I ran into an error that did not seem to have much information about it. After about a…

PSA: .git directory should not be public.

Ideally the .git directory is not in production to begin with. as it is not needed to run an application. However, many deployment strategies use…

Terraform 0.12 General Release

Back in July of last year Hashicorp announced the preview of Terraform 0.12. As of yesterday (May 22nd) 0.12 is now in generally availability